Toronto storyteller and author

Anna Tells a Story Anna Tells a Story Anna Tells a Story
Photos by Bruce Carmody

As a storyteller, an author and a teacher I believe in the power of story, whether it's a story told or a story read. I know storytelling lays the foundations for literacy, and that stories trigger the imagination, stay in the memory, and help us understand ourselves and others.

In my repertoire I have stories suitable for audiences of all ages.

The programs for primary students are filled with songs, rhymes and stories that allow for audience participation. I often bring along puppets and rhythm instruments to add to the fun.

For older students and adults I have a wealth of stories that touch the heart and tickle the funny bone.

Over the years I've shared my tales with listeners of all ages in libraries, classrooms and gymnasiums; at community gatherings, at Toronto's Word on the Street, the Royal Ontario Museum, and Pier 21 in Halifax. I've been a featured teller at Toronto's Festival of Storytelling. I've told stories to groups as small as three and as large as three hundred.

Most Friday evenings I can be found listening to, or sharing a tale at 1001 Friday Nights of Storytelling.