Photo by Frank Kerz

Anna Kerz is an accomplished storyteller whose tales will touch your heart and tickle your funny bone. Her extensive repertoire includes stories suitable for listeners of all ages, as well as a collection of personal stories geared towards more mature audiences. (14 and up)

She has shared her stories with listeners of all ages in schools, libraries and community gatherings, both large and small; at Pier 21 in Halifax, and at festivals in Ottawa, St. Marys, East Gwillimbury, and multiple times at the Toronto Festival of Storytelling.

Anna is a regular participant at 1001 Friday Nights of Storytelling a member of Storytellers of Canada, Storytelling Toronto, and the York Storytelling Guild.

For teens and adults Anna tells folktales, myths and legends about peace, justice and love; and many tales about brave girls and determined old women. She also tells stories taken from Canada's history. For younger listeners she has a collection of lively, interactive tales.

Anna is known for her personal stories which include:

Immigration Tales: A variety of stories that tell about life in an Austrian D.P. camp, coming to Canada in 1954, and life in and around a rooming house on Kensington Avenue.

My Walk With Sin: The almost completely true story about how a fascination with the movies almost cost her the chance to make her first communion.

Sex and the Need to Know Method of Child Rearing: the sometimes funny, somethimes touching tale about a search for knowledge in a world where children were rarely told anything they wanted to know.

Gladys Pouch: A story about a bully, the bullied and the bystander who in the end, turned out to be one and the same.

When Katie Comes to Visit and How My Father Put a Down-payment on a Fire Engine tell about her family’s experiences with Alzheimer’s disease.



Anna helped create and now teaches the StoryJam program which is designed to help everyone, from 5 to 95 to develop their speaking and storytelling skills.

The Story Jam Program comes with:

  • reproducible lessons
  • a package of stories suitable for young tellers
  • evaluation rubricks that reflect the Ontario Curriculum